My Top 10 Pet Peeves Thursday, Oct 23 2014 

1. Smacking while eating or chewing gum
2. The incorrect usage of there, their and they’re
3. The incorrect usage of your and you’re
4. The incorrect usage of to, too and two
5. The incorrect usage of lose and loose
6. Women dragging their feet when walking
7. Talking to people who KNOW everything
8. Men/Women with dirty fingernails
9. Pubic hair or a drop of urine on a public toilet seat
10. Attempting to hold a conversation but never get a word in edgewise

There are more but I’ll stop here for now. What are some of your pet peeves?

Baby Shower or nah Wednesday, Oct 22 2014 

I don’t have a lot of experience with these things because mine were very small and kind of impromptu because we were military and away from family and close friends. I didn’t get much and they were each surprise showers because I never asked for one or expect them.

The reason for this blog is to get an understanding of baby showers and how many should you have. A friend of mine is on her 4th pregnancy and is expecting a baby shower. Yes I said it, 4th pregnancy. She currently has 2 boys and 1 girl and is pregnant with a second girl. So should she have ANOTHER baby shower?


Now the first one, I totally get. The 2nd one, well I gave the 2nd shower because we were elected as god-parents so I decided to throw her one. The 3rd was given by the God-mother of that baby and because the baby was a girl and she had all boy stuff. Now here she is with baby #4 (another girl) and she’s looking for a shower!!! I mean does she really need another baby shower? I kinda feel like a little greed is creeping in from somewhere. Especially with the EXPECTATION part of it.

So help me out. Is it proper to give a shower for each pregnancy or just the initial pregnancy or when the sex of the baby changes? Should the family be responsible for the multiple showers? Should she host her own shower? Help please!!

Wordless Wednesday Wednesday, Oct 15 2014 


Wordless Wednesday! Well what’s left of it anyway!! Wednesday, Oct 8 2014