That suit and tie or long black gown won’t change who you are inside. It only camouflages you and the longer you hide behind them you begin to believe it to be true. Sharp as a tack on the outside and dark, cold, ugly and filthy on the inside. It never ceases to amaze me how some of us can walk around as if we have it all together, judging others by their sin when we have a boatload of our own. Truly repent, come away from ALL YOUR wicked ways and then pray and have compassion for others. It’s so easy to call others out for what they have done wrong but you want to walk around as if you’ve never done wrong! You hypocrite! Let’s get it together people. God is looking for us to be disciples not condemners! You are not the judge, He is, so let Him do His job. He’s done just fine all these thousands of years without you. I trust He can manage now since you’ve so called found yourself. A hit dog will holla so if this doesn’t apply to you it shouldn’t offend you or as the young folks say…”have you feeling some type of way!” Now let the church say amen!!! #stopfakingthefunk #youarenotperfect #getitright #examineyourself #startwiththemaninthemirror