For some time now I have been frustrated with my hair. I grew more and more tired of trying to decide when should I relax it, 6 weeks, 8 weeks… With my busy schedule it’s been really hard to keep a schedule that included a hair appointment. Once I cut my hair in a shorter style I noticed that I needed a relaxer more often than usual in order to keep it tight and that became a big problem for me. January was the last time I relaxed my hair, aggravated because I had to do it myself because I wanted to look really nice for our anniversary and didn’t have time for an appointment. Four weeks passed, six weeks passed, eight weeks passed and with my hectic schedule I just could not find the time to fit it in. Soooo, out of frustration, I decided to go natural.

I have always admired my beautiful black sistah’s who were getting back to their beautiful natural selves. The most intriguing thing was that no two are alike. Your natural is not my natural. A lot of us shy away from it, as I did in the past because we are so addicted to the creamy crack. Some actually don’t think there is true beauty in natural hair (thanks to society)! My daughter is 11 years old and has hair down her back as I did at her age and it’s all natural. I’ve seen and heard of so many young girls getting relaxers and their hair breaking and falling out. So I’ve opted not to relax her hair. Most of her friends have relaxed hair and that poses a small issue for me. Only because she started asking quite often for a relaxer. I explained to her that once I relaxed her hair she wouldn’t be able to wear it curly like she often requests. That sort of calmed her down but not totally. This is kinda my second reason for going natural.

My natural journey was not as long one as most are. My last relaxer was the first week of January. Around the end of March I became aggrivated becasue as I started to have more new growth, it was hard for me to manage on my own. I decieded to get kinky twist after researching transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. That was an option I was willing to try at the time. Did that and loved them for a while…until it got really hot! I couldn’t handle the heat so they had to go. I kept them in for almot 3 months and noticed I had quite a bit more of new growth. During this time I saw a few articles and YouTube videos on “THE BIG CHOP!” My first words were “I would never do that!” I felt the ladies who did cut all their hair off were really brave and beautiful but I just didn’t think I had the courag to do it. One Sunday evening in late June, I sat in my bed with a Walmart bag and rat tailed comb and began to take them out. I called my girlfriend who is a beautician and told her to bring her shears. By 1 am I looked in the mirror and there I stood with about an inch or more of hair on my head. The beautiful hair that God gave me. I instantly felt liberated and free! I am no longer bound by my hair or appointments or what the media telling me what I should look like. I’m free of the creamy crack and back to being naturally black!