Nineteen years ago I met the love of my life, the man God designed just for me and I him. We started out as good friends and it blossomed into a beautiful relationship. Over some time we began the dating and then courting process which quickly led to our engagement and then I married my BEST friend two years later. We have been married for seventeen years and in the words of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks on In Living Color…We stiiiillllll together!!! I must admit it hasn’t always been a cake walk. He often tells me “girl I could bite you on the ankle sometimes” and I would in turn tell him “you aint no day at the beach either!” We have made our mistakes but there is one thing we have always stood on, other than the Word of God, and that is DIVORCE IS NOT AN OPTION!

Over the years we have lived in our hometown of Baton Rouge, La., Greenville, NC., Fort Campbell, Ky., Clarksville, TN., and now Augusta, Ga. With four kids and a dog our family is complete. While living in Kentucky and Tennessee I acquired a slight taste for country music. I never rocked cowboy boots or even a cowboy hat but I learned a few songs and one I absolutely fell in love with. It truly sums it all up for me and gives a true picture of our relationship. My honey is and will always be THE ONE! Enjoy! 🙂

You’re still the one