I’m so excited that our Christmas tree is finally up. Yes, I’m aware that I am a tad bit late but hey, it’s up. My kids have been asking since Thanksgiving when were we going to decorate the house. My husband and I were both ill during that time so that was the last thing on our minds. Hubby was home from work on Friday so by the time we all made it home the tree was up and waiting to be decorated. My 10 year old daughter was a little more excited than her two older brothers but once we started putting the lights and ornaments on the tree they came alive and so did I. With the Christmas music playing in the background it was certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our home. Now if I can just get some gifts under there….

No, I have not even started shopping yet. We really don’t go all out in that department. We have chosen to keep it at a 3 gift maximum in this house and it seems to work out really well. I try to get two things they really, really want and then something we want them to have and then something big for them to share. It’s usually a new game system or something like that. I normally do most of my shopping online because I hate long lines and crowded department stores. The only person I know that hates this as much as I do is my husband. That brother HATES going to any store during the month of December. It’s so not his thing. I can tolerate it a little bit more than he can but I’m in and out or I’ll try to go as soon as the store opens. It’s so funny to watch him; I know when he’s reached his limit because he is usually standing like a tin man with this stone look on his face with his eyebrows damn near touching his hairline! LOL The other reason is because of how folks act when this should be a time of peace and good will toward men. However, this seems to be the time they are the rudest and most hateful. The true reason for the season is lost. With all the pushing and shoving just to save a buck, it just leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

Once again, we have decided not to go home for the holidays. What’s really going on? Well, it’s very expensive to travel this time of year and we are so tired of lugging all the gifts back and forth. In the 17 years we’ve been married this is probably the 4th or 5th time we didn’t go home. We were hoping to have someone from home come but it looks like it’s going to be the five of us and that’s ok with me. My prayer is that we will all be together really soon. I miss them much!