Unfortunately so! The end of a very well rested, well deserved week off for Thanksgiving break has arrived. I did absolutely nothing the whole week. Except for a little shopping for the meal and taking hubby to the doctor (bronchitis was the verdict). I spent it with my family at home every day. However, on Thanksgiving Day we did go over to some friend’s house to share a wonderful meal and plenty of laughter. We ate, watched football, ate some more and watched more football. By midnight we decided it was time to call it quits and head home. I feel that was a great alternative to going home and having a ten-hour drive both ways. We spent the day with some good people so we survived. Sleeping in on Friday morning and what do you know, I wake up coughing and throat hurting. I roll over and give my husband the evil eye and he says I got it because I wouldn’t stay from under him. Really?! This coming from the one who’s such a big baby when he gets sick (which is not often) has to be right under me at night. Well however I got it, I got it. I had to spend the last three days of my time off coughing, sneezing, aching, nose running…you name it I had it. I do plan on going to work to show my face and give my doctor a call for an appt. Hopefully this doesn’t last long because I have plenty on my plate with all the ripping and running I have to do during the school week. So tell me how your Thanksgiving was and am I the only one sick around here?