I’m a wife of almost 17 years and a mother of three.  Once we had our children I became a stay at home mom.  That was the greatest and most fulfilling challenge I ever faced in my life.  Nothing gave me more joy than knowing that I would be able to watch my babies grow before my eyes and not miss a beat.  Once my youngest started school, I decided to get back out there and work.  I started volunteering at their school and soon after started substitute teaching.  Doing so, I landed myself a full time job in the front office as the Data Clerk at my kid’s elementary school.  I was very excited and eager to get back to work.  After two years at the elementary school, I was promoted to a high school.  Not bad considering I had only been on the job two years. 

I’ve always had compassion for children.  Especially for those who don’t have a strong support system at home.  The ones you see sitting in the back of the class with their head down, being completely ignored by the teacher.  The one’s you see in the front office every day.  Those that you see struggling to read a book that is on a two to three years lower level than their grade level.  Those are the ones I have a lot of compassion for.  I am a firm believer that every child can learn it just takes a little more for some.  My youngest son came home one day, upset and confused because he asked his 4th grade teacher for help with a math problem and she told him that she had already explained it one hundred times.  The very next day I scheduled a conference with her and my response was, if you need to explain it to him one hundred and one times that’s your duty as an educator.  That is what you are there for, to make sure your students understand.  I was absolutely mortified that she would have the audacity to say something like that not only to my child but any child in her care. 

We send our children to school to be taught and to learn, not to be scorned or ignored when they don’t understand something.  I’ve also heard, “what grade you get is what you get.”  My mother in law has been in education for over 40 years and she has a sign in her room that reads, “If you can’t learn the way I teach, then I’ll teach the way you learn.”   Whatever happened to having pride as an educator and wanting all your students to succeed?  There have been times when I’ve had to speak up for other kids on their behalf.  If children are indeed our future, why are there such lack of care, consideration and compassion for them and their educational future?  This is only one small example of what I have noticed, I could literally go on and on of the things I feel are wrong. 

In finding my niche, I’ve discovered that I want to go further than the local schools.  I want to be an advocate for kids.  I want to be the one to stand up for them when no one else will and also support the parents that don’t know how.  It has taken me quite some time to figure this out but I thank God it has finally come to me.  Now my journey begins and I have absolutely no idea where to start.  Needless to say my weekends and free time will be spent doing extensive research on where I need to get started.    I pray that I can make a difference in this world and in the lives of many children.  Wish me luck!