Today is a very special day for me.  It’s my 37th birthday!!  Wow, I can’t believe I’m 3 years shy of 40!  It’s all good though because I plan on being foxy at forty.  LOL  I am so grateful to see another year.  I spent some time this morning reflecting on my life, where I am now and where I’ve been. I’ve made many, many mistakes and used bad judgement from time to time but that’s all a part of life and growing.  The most important thing is learning from your mistakes and not repeating them. 

As far as plans for my special day and gifts, I’m keeping it simple this year.  Didn’t want anything at all.  Just knowing that all is well with my family is enough for me right now.  Hubby and I are in a good place, our kids are good, I’m good.  I woke up this morning to numerous text messages of well wishes from friends and family, my kids showered me with lots of hugs and kisses and hubby cooked me breakfast.  I enjoyed sleeping in and not having to lift a finger today to do anything.  We are going on a double date tonight not only to celebrate my birthday but also our friend’s birthday who will turn 37 on the 23rd. 

I am trying really hard to embrace this age thing.  I’ve never let it bother me before but for some reason I feel like it’s going so fast that I’m going to skip 38 and 39 and jump right to 40!!  Which is why I’m working hard now to ensure that I don’t look or feel like a frumpy old lady when that time comes.  Eating right, exercise and plenty of water is my plan to keep things tight.  A new hair do and a little make up won’t hurt either.  I’m not trying to discover the fountain of youth but in stead, enjoy my youth while I’m in it and then embrace my golden years! 

If you don’t mind, join in with me as I celebrate my day!  It only comes around once a year.  Let’s hear it, on three…one two three…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  AND MANY MORE!!  Corny, I know!!  LOL